20% off cleanser – Ditch bad cleansing habits

Although facial cleansing is very simple, but it can still get complicated or even neglected.



Soap and water just don’t cut it! Washing your face with soap can be too drying for the skin because it pulls the moisture out of the kin and facilitates dead, dry skin cell buildup.


The “wash and go” idea of convenient facial wipes can do more harm than good. Facial wipes are easy, but many contain ingredients designed to dissolve make-up and other residue. The alcohol content in some facial wipes, as well as the physical rubbing involved in using them can aggravate the ski with alcohol content.




It’s hard to resist the idea of using facial care products with aggressive cleansing power to eliminate unwanted buildup, oil secretion, and/or make-up residue.  But it’s healthier for your skin to use cleansers that are less astringent and free of irritants. Calming, gentle cleansers are better for the overall care of the skin. They can lift excess oil and residue without stripping the skin or drying.


Cream-based cleansers such as Clayton Shagal’s Milk Cleanser deliver comfort for normal to dry, even sensitive skin. Gel-based cleansers such as Gel Lotion Cleanser tend to be more suitable for oily-combination to normal skin.

Both Milk Cleanser and Gel Lotion Cleanser are pH-neutral and don’t require the use of a facial toner. Additionally, either one may be used as both make-up remover and cleanser.



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