March 15-22 Flash Sale alert!

We are having spring flash sale!

For ALL of Clayton Shagal products, if you buy 1, you can get second one 50% off!
(Equals value or less)



In store or phone order, only. (If you don’t live nearby, we can ship you the products!!)
Hurry, the sale is only from March 15 to 22!



March is a month for women

Let’s celebrate womanhood.

Remember love and respect start with you!

By exercising self-love and self-care (and of course skin care routine you love!), you build a strong base to support the women around you and send the message about how you deserve to be treated by others.

Whether it’s taking time to relax when you need it, appreciating your natural talents, or standing up for yourself in situations that are unfair, how are you showing love for yourself today?



We started giving you a special birthday gift (worth $30) when you visit our salon and  have some treatment within 30 days from your birthday.

But we cannot give you the present unless we know when your birthday is! So do me a favor. Please click on the button below to enter your birthday (or make sure we have your correct birthday) so that you will receive the email containing what the present is on your birthday!

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